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Workshop Participant Comments

Excellent – Very informative and exposed areas of retirement planning that I was totally unaware existed. I would suggest that this workshop should be available to all employees contemplating retirement.

 This course was excellent. The way it was presented was perfect. I have learned quite a lot from this and think it is a must for those with 10 years at least to their retirement.

 The program was very informative. I now have a much better understanding about retirement. I wish I could have had this program 10-15 years ago.

 I thoroughly enjoyed the session. The information I received has made me think of retirement in a different light.

A very good presentation which has tipped the scale as to whether I retire now or later.

Planning for a new career is going to be exciting. It has also been a fun day. Thank you.

The workshop and workbook were very helpful toward future planning in initiating thoughts not previously considered. Made me think about important factors in my life that I want to continue into later life.

I feel that your workshop was very realistic and came together very well. This course makes a person open their mind to look into the future. Well put together and has helped me to re-evaluate my plans.

Very interesting and thought provoking. I had thought of most ideas by myself but the workshop organized my musings and gave validity to them. The brainstorming was particularly useful.

I would recommend the workshop to anybody who is thinking of retiring. It gave me a lot of different directions to go when I retire.

Very impressed! Writing down skills, needs and ambitions makes one stop and think about themselves. Sharing ideas with others helps one have a more positive feeling about oneself.

I found the program fun and very interesting. The brainstorming helped me understand more things I never thought about. Well worth attending.

You gave me lots to think about. Very thorough and clear presentation. Lots of opportunity for questions and input. You helped make clear many things I was thinking about.

The ideas I picked up are endless. Things I never thought about.

Very easy to understand and a great way to get planning started.

I truly enjoyed this portion of the workshop. Dr. Roadburg made it exciting to think of retirement through the practical, humorous, and overall Picture projected For this time in our lives. A very nice person who answered any questions I may have had.