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All of the resources in the Life After Teaching Resource Center are reproduced in the image below. They can be reached from the ‘MY Dashboard’ tab in the page header (you have to be logged in to see it). The Resource Center includes six main resources. A free sample of the workshop and the workbook appear below. 

Main Resources

  • Life After Teaching Workshop: Presented through 8 videos, the workshop covers the complete contents of our in-house session. You can complete the workshop with a small group (preferred), or on your own. For a sample of the workshop, click here.
  • Life After Teaching Workbook: This is an eBook version of our 200-page workbook that includes additional material and insights into retirement based on our exclusive research among 860 retired educators – your ‘retirement mentors’. For a sample of the workbook, click here.
  • Survey Results: You can view the complete results of our exclusive research among 860 retired teachers, separated by section. This is a great way to gain insights into the various retirement issues from the pros, the voices of experience. For a sample of an issue section, click here.
  • Lifestyle Article Database: We have a unique collection of more than 500 articles focusing mainly on the lifestyle (non-financial) side to retirement, separated by subject area.
  • Survey Form: If you are retired, or semi-retired, we invite to take part in our ongoing Life After Teaching Survey. This is your opportunity to share your retirement experiences with others.  
  • Chat Room: An opportunity to chat directly with other site visitors.

Workshop Video Sample

Workbook Sample

The Life After Teaching Workbook is an excellent resource to use alongside the e-learning modules, or as a stand alone tool. This will be your go-to guide as you transition into retirement. Your membership includes an e-book version of the 200 page Life After Teaching Workbook, plus the workshop worksheets. The workbook is an excellent extension of, and a compliment to the workshop. It is full of resources, including the experiences and advice from the 860 retired educators in our survey.