Unique approach to retirement planning

Life Goal Planning

True retirement happiness is not based on money alone, but on replacing satisfactions such as friendships, challenge, involvement, achievement, etc., lost from work. Life After Teaching includes our exclusive Life Goal Planning exercises to address this important issue to create a retirement that will be worthwhile and enjoyable.

The Retirement Experts

The program is grounded in the results of our exclusive research among 750 retired teachers - the true experts on retiring from teaching. The results, including their experiences and advice, are incorporated into the program. This valuable resource is only available through our program.

Missing Element in Most Financial Plans

Although this is not a financial planning program, Life Goal Planning can provide the element missing from most retirement plans, namely determining a financial goal based on personal needs and aspirations. In this way Life goal planning can help to truly personalize a financial plan.


We created several methods to deliver the program, based on your needs and circumstances.

1) Self-help Workbook

The most cost effective method is to simply provide copies of our self-help workbook. The 200-page full colour workbook includes all worksheets, workshop instructions, and covers the various lifestyle issues supported by our exclusive research among 750 retired teachers.

Customize the Workbook: We can add your logo to the workbook cover and you can write your own Foreword. A one-time setup fee covers customization of your initial and all subsequent workbook orders.

2) In house Workshop

Dr. Alan Roadburg, the President of the Second Career Retirement Program, can lead your in-house workshop. The session is approximately 3 hours, although a shorter version is also available.

3) Interactive Webinar

Led by Dr. Roadburg, the webinar is like an in-house workshop without incurring travel expenses.

4) Run your own workshop

If you would like to run your own in-house workshop, we created a workshop video that practically runs itself. We work together. Dr. Roadburg explains the slides that focus on the conceptual issues, and you introduce the written exercises and several discussion topics. Complete instructions and your script are included with the Workshop Manual.

4) Short video overview

If you do not want to take an active part, you can run our 1-hour video overview.

Customize the Research: If you have a large number of retired members, to truly customize your program we can conduct our Life After Dentistry Survey among your retired dentists and create a workshop and a special edition of our workbook based on their replies.

The Benefits

Life Goal Planning:

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